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Well-Maintained Air Conditioner Benefits

4 Health Benefits of Having a Well-Maintained Air Conditioner

Summer may be winding down in Houma, Louisiana, but the heat and humidity are still no joke. You need your air conditioner to stay in good shape to keep you comfortable. Apart from cooling you down, your air conditioner also offers a number of health benefits to your family.

Prevents Respiratory Problems

Pollutants in the air aggravate respiratory issues like asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis. Air conditioners have filters that eradicate these pollutants. A well-maintained air conditioner will have clean filters that function effectively, allowing you to breathe fresher air. Change your filter every one to three months. As a result, you’ll help promote good indoor air quality and minimize strain on your air conditioner.

Prevents Heat-Related Illness

Keeping a consistent room temperature assists your body to perform at its best. Too much heat or cold is not beneficial to you. You dress according to the weather to feel comfortable and to help your body regulate according to the temperature. An air conditioner helps in the same way. The air conditioning allows your body temperature to remain regulated so that you don’t overheat.

Prevents Microbial Growth

High humidity levels increase the chances of bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms. An AC system helps to dehumidify the air in your home. As a result, it helps to prevent microbial growth and the associated health effects.

Prevents Poor Indoor Air Quality

Good circulation in your home creates improved indoor air quality. A free flow of air regulates room temperature, removes impurities and allows the family to live in comfort. A well-ventilated home is also a healthy home. In contrast, stagnant air creates bad odors and allows dust and other pollutants to settle. A well-maintained air conditioner helps prevent poor indoor air quality. As a result, it improves respiratory health.

Enjoy the health benefits of your air conditioner by maintaining it regularly. Call Bob’s Heating and AC at (985) 200-5471 to schedule your next HVAC maintenance service.

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