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Most Air Conditioners Don't Break, They Fade Away

Most people think that frequent breakdowns are the sign that their air conditioning system needs to be replaced. That is true. However, a lot of air conditioning system service calls we run are because the system isn’t cooling well.As the weather warms we hear more and more customers talk about how they can’t get the temperature below 76 degrees. Sometimes a simple cleaning will solve the problem but often it is a result of age and wear and tear.

Freon leaks and worn valves in the compressor are signs of stress caused by aging. As systems age they get less and less efficient. The average system usually requires over $2,000 in repairs before it doesn’t make sense to fix it any more. If your system is over 10 years old and is not cooling well you might consider a replacement before it reaches the repair phase. You save the cost and inconvenience of repeated repairs plus you get a more efficient system with new system warranties. Bob’s Heating and AC now offers trade-ins on your old system of up to $1,000 or up to 60 month, 0% financing.

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