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Springing Into Tune-Up Season

April 25, 2022 | Blog

An HVAC system breakdown during the hottest months of the year can turn your summer vacation into a nightmare. That’s why spring is the perfect season for your annual tune-up with Bob’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Our Hammond AC maintenance experts will examine your cooling system from top to bottom, addressing any potential issues before the summer heatwaves arrive.

But what exactly is included in an AC tune-up, and why is it necessary every year? Read on to learn more.

What Does an AC Tune-Up Include?

Some homeowners hesitate to schedule air conditioning maintenance appointments because it’s unclear what they’re paying for. In reality, cooling units are rather intricate, meaning it’s best to leave the ins and outs of the tune-up process to professionals.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to have a simplified summary of the steps involved. In about an hour, a technician will check that all of the following parts are optimized and running safely:

  • Thermostat
  • Evaporator and condenser coils
  • Refrigerant
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical connections
  • Blower motor and blower belt

Additionally, the professional will swap out your filters and lubricate any moving parts. After this full inspection is complete, you should have a solid understanding of your system’s health.

What Are the Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Saved Money on Repairs

First and foremost, an AC tune-up is always more affordable than unexpected repairs or system replacements. Through regular check-ins, technicians can spot malfunctions in the cooling process before they worsen, protecting your wallet in the long run.

Ideal Energy Efficiency

Practically every homeowner wants to improve their energy efficiency, either to defend the environment or reduce their monthly bills. Regardless of your motivation, maintenance services will help you optimize your cooling system.

Vent blockages, faulty coils and other problems force your air conditioner to work much harder than normal, meaning you’ll waste precious energy each time you adjust your thermostat. You can keep costs low by catching these complications early on.

Exceptional Indoor Air Quality

Along with intense heat, summer brings higher rates of humidity. A well-maintained HVAC system can handle these shifting conditions, while a neglected unit might struggle.

You can take a few simple steps to improve indoor air quality independently, including switching out your filters every 90 days and dusting your vents. However, a tune-up is still the best way to prep your system for increased moisture.

Longer System Lifespan

It goes without saying that technology lasts longer with proper care and attention. Cooling systems are no exception. As previously mentioned, annual tune-ups minimize the risk of an air conditioner breakdown, meaning you won’t have to drop thousands of dollars on a replacement system. In fact, maintenance appointments can help a unit thrive for around two decades!

Find Hammond AC Maintenance Services

Bob’s Heating and Air Conditioning is eager to serve as your AC’s greatest advocate and protector. With 60 years of experience, our team can confront any cooling malfunctions we encounter and prepare your system for even the most extreme summer.

Learn about our Sheild of Protection Plan today to learn how to keep your system running smoothly for years.

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